Vocabulary: Just Dance


Если вы занимаетесь активными видами спорта, то вам непременно пригодится подобный вокабуляр:

Backflip – обратное сальто

His backflip was fantastic! Dangerous but beautiful!\


Backspin – обратное вращательное движение

She did the backspin in a professional manner.


Swing – мерная ритмичная походка

He has a perfect swing


Twist – скручивание

He twisted my arm


Go forward – идти вперед

Go backward – идти назад

The dancing teacher told us to go forward first and then go backward slowly.


Bend over – наклоняться вперед

When doing physical exercises one should bend over quite a lot of times.


Sideway – в стороны

Please hold your feet together, put your hands sideway.


At shoulder length – на ширине плеч

Stand with legs at shoulder length


Step across – сделать шаг в сторону

Go forward and step across.


Squat – приседать

Tom squatted down next to his teammate.


Shake – трясти

Shake your hands and then shake your legs.


Stretch – растягивать

Gently stretch your arms and shoulders.



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